All the ways to listen to music although you do not have data

While in 2000 we used to save our music locally, either in an MP3 player or any hard disk, currently the most we have migrated to services of streaming for music libraries “infinite”.

So many songs that are always available and ready to be listened to, unless you don’t have internet and you are far away from any WiFi network. And this tends to happen more than we would like.

Do you still do not know how to add music to your stories of Instagram?

Either you don’t want to acabarte your data (or since you’re done), you’re in a congested area (and your network becomes slow), or one that simply does not have coverage (like the subway), and you can’t access your wonderful and extensive library, you’ll need something that works offline to save you.


Without counting the music converters MP3 to the streaming platforms, we find the following.


This tool gets all its music from Youtube so it’s free. Allows you to select the quality of the music streaming as well as that you’re going to download to listen to offline. In addition, it lets you pick the storage folder in order not to overload the internal memory of our device.

For: Android

Microsoft Groove

This app allows you to listen to the music purchases, but also that you upload to your account One Drive. Groove will study your habits, and musical tastes and will put at your disposal different playlists.

For: iOS and Android


The well-known and reliable.

Apple Music

The platform with the library more extensive, in addition to having the exclusivity of some artists such as Tool or Taylor Swift.

For: iOS and Android
Price $99 per month


For a small price, this app allows you to listen to songs on any device (mobile or tablet) with the option to store it offline to play when you don’t have a connection available.

For: iOS and Android
Price: $99 per month

Spotify will help you find festivals according to the music you listen to

YouTube Music

Comes within the subscription of YouTube Premium, so that in addition to the music, you YouTube without commercials and YoouTube Originals.

For: iOS and Android
Price; $119 per month and Partners.

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