All that is known of the operations of Cambridge Analytica in Mexico (until now)

Cambridge Analytica became public enemy number one this week after it became known that this political consultant used improperly the information of more than 50 million users of Facebook to allegedly influence them heading for the presidential elections in the united States in 2016.

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Now there arises an obvious question: is it So close to the united States and in an election year in Mexico, Do Cambridge Analytica operates in our country? Do you plan to do the same with the domestic constituency as he had done with US? We gather all the information to get a good idea.


First what says the referee and official in charge of overseeing these matters, the Instituto Nacional Electoral (INE), which said via its chairman, Lorenzo Cordova, Pimentel, who, according to El Universal, unknown if Cambridge Analytica has operations in Mexico, or the local political parties, and added that they have not received official complaints involving the company. He also said that the unit in its charge does not deliver any information arising out of the electoral register to the digital companies with which already has convention, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

It is not a very good start, but there’s more.

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According to several news reports, Cambridge Analytica does exist in Mexico. According to a note published by the site Aristegui Noticias, the company would have been brought to Mexico by Jared Kushner, the controversial son-in-law of the president of the united States, Donald Trump, who works in the White House.

The Spanish newspaper The Country, confirmed this when he quoted one of the principal officers of the consultant who said “made in Mexico” during a information covertly carried out by the british Channel 4. “We use it in the united States and in Africa. That is what we do as a company. What we have done in Mexico, what we have done in Malaysia and now we are moving to Brazil, Australia, China”, we hear Mark Turnbull, director general of CA.

In 2017, the news agency Bloomberg reported that representatives of Cambridge Analytica were in our country to offer their services towards the July elections of 2018. According to the same report, one of the executives of the company considered that the mexican citizen this “and doubtful and discouraged,” and that in that context there was a “great opportunity “to convince the people to vote.”

There is also evidence of people linked with the consultant providing jobs in our country. From October 2017, in the page of Facebook, Foreigners in Mexico City (DF), which is oriented to foreign citizens in our country, was created a labour supply for the hiring of heads of campaign for candidates to the governments of 9 states, with salaries ranging from 25,000 to 70,000 dollars.

The Financial / Bloomberg

The publication was carried out by the user with the name Arielle Dale Car, the alleged head of operations of Cambridge Analytica in Mexico.

In the same sense, presidential candidates already registered for the July elections this year have been assured, and even pointed out the alleged operations and actions of the company in Mexico, although have not offered evidence.

The news site Animal Politico be sure to Andrés Manuel López Obrador, candidate for Brown, and Ricardo Anaya, the flag of the Front for Mexico, ensure that Cambridge Analytica had been hired by officials in Mexico, and even suggested that the british company had already had a first intervention in the elections for the governorship of the State of Mexico in the past year.