I worked as a waitress for 3 years and I can tell you something that will be of interest to any diner

My name is Tatiana, I am one of the authors of Great.guru and I want to share with you interesting details about my previous work. They say that experience is the form of those actions that make us say: “that is exactly what he should not have done.” In my case, there was plenty of this type of experiences. When I was in the second year of the university, the man I loved left me, and then, believing that that was the end of life, and a tragedy is universal, I dropped out of the study. After a couple of weeks, the sanity returned, and I realized that my parents would kill me if they learned what he had done. I had to find a work with urgency, and among all the options, the profession of waitress it seemed to me the most attractive.

Rachel McAdams worked at Mcdonald’s, Sandra Bullock was a waitress in a restaurant in Manhattan, and Kate Winslet prepared sandwiches. So it is nothing terrible, I decided and I got a job at one of the pizzerias that are popular in the heart of my city. I figured that would be as Rachel, from the tv series Friends: I would sit on the sofa, charlaría with my friends, and once in a while, it would take orders. I knew how much I had been wrong when it was my first day and accidentally I knocked over a cup of cocoa in the dish of savory pancakes from a client and, beating fearfully to the lashes, I asked the brilliant question: “what is the replacement, or so, is that okay?”,

Especially for Great.guru, I’ll discuss all the advantages and disadvantages of this work, and also give answers to the questions that are asked many of the people who often eat out.

Is it true that the waiters eat the leftovers of customers, spoil the dishes of the diners are most unpleasant and they drink on the job?

On this subject there is a joke funny: a client makes you sign to a waiter and asks: “Is it true that you eat what we leave?”. And the waiter responds: “No, you eat what you leave us.”

In reality, in the kitchen there was always a record very strict of all the products, and security cameras everywhere, so eat something rich was more complicated. In terms of the dishes that the customers asked for and did not eat, there were several variants of development of events.

If the dish had not even been touched, the whole brigade could be eaten in the kitchen with a quiet conscience. All the products that customers didn’t end of eating is placed in a bucket separate, and at the end of the turn, we gave to the homeless and the needy of the street. Food whose expiration date was about to expire were distributed among all and could be done at home. In my work, this was one of the bonuses more enjoyable.

In the movies show all the time how a waiter offended spits out the coffee of a client is rude or does something worse. In real life, I never saw something like that in my work. The existence of the security cameras became this kind of desire for vengeance in an adventure that is very dangerous, and threatened him with a dismissal.

Yes, I had clients whose character could be described with a single sentence: “Waiter, if this is coffee, then I want a cup of tea, and if it is tea, I want coffee.” But all understood perfectly well that each client represented our work and our money, out and out. So, the maximum we we allowed was to talk about the subject especially unpleasant to their backs or make a gesture of anger. Again, to their backs. Because the customer is always right. Even when it is not.

But there were also cases in which customers were waiting for findings extremely unpleasant. For example, a hair in the soup, a small bone in the salad or a paper clip on the pizza.

They gave us free food, but not food menu. Usually, it is represented by shifts of a couple of people who cooked for the whole team. It was always something simple, like a soup, potatoes with gravy or simply a salad.

If anyone of the brigade was celebrating his birthday, well we could drink a glass of wine or champagne in the kitchen and then continue working. There were times when, due to extreme fatigue or to some customers especially cranky, we could add a bit of alcohol to our drinks and to take it up with the expression unperturbed.

A 12-hour shift (and sometimes 16) is stopped you might end up running out to anybody, and the waiters many times restored his forces with the help of energy drinks or coffee mixed with Coca-Cola. It is not good for the heart, so the remedies most popular first-aid kit of first aid were the extract of valerian and other calming.

What is the punishment of the waiters by the broken dishes and the food spoiled?

During my work in the pizzeria, followed many different stories with all the waiters. We have dropped the pizza, we have burned it with hot dishes, we have the fingers chopped off, we have confused the orders, we poured drinks in the pancakes, we have broken a whole tray full of dishes.

There was a case in which one of the waitresses fell asleep right on the counter of the delivery of the dishes, as had happened the previous night, in the shift in a nightclub. The cook, wanting to wake her, he placed a wooden board with pizza hot right in front of her very sharply, making the pizza went flying off the table and fell on the young man. That happened in front of all the diners. By the way, the young man received burns are quite serious and, after that case, since he did not fall asleep on the job.

For the happiness of the waiters, there was a thing called a “cancellation”: if arruinabas a dish, you will only be descontaban of the cost of the ingredients I was carrying. And many times, it was quite a bit.

Our obligations are not limited to serving dishes and clean up the dirty dishes. We helped other employees, we made the milkshakes, hot drinks and fresh fruit juices, envolvíamos the silverware in the napkins and we’d run to the store if a product is needed urgently and there was no time to wait for the delivery.

With time, many bartenders made their own clientele. The who had more time working, many times it is allowed to be lazy or to choose only the best tables to attend to. Actually there was a kind of “right floor” in this sense.

What was the most enjoyable and the most difficult part of my job?

The profession of bartender is quite interesting. You communicate with many people completely different, you learn to be friendly and well predisposed in any situation, you move a lot and never spend hunger.

It was nice to see that, under the influence of delicious food, a cozy atmosphere and a good company, the people are relaxed, smiled more and even looked more beautiful. What we knew all. When a man made a marriage proposal to his girlfriend by hiding the ring under a leaf of lettuce on your plate, when you specified a business; when the husband, seeing the eagerness with which his wife looked at her pasta with bacon, he gave the greater part of his portion to her.

The pizzeria was always full of life and we did not know what was the boredom.

On the other hand, there are people who continue to believe that the waiters are a few simple servants and treated without the slightest respect. John Green, the author of the novel Under the same star, wrote that a person can be judged by the way it treats the secretaries and the waiters. Sometimes I had to repeat mentally, as if it were a mantra, that the customer always has the reason, for not responding to your rudeness. Fortunately, these situations were not frequent.

At first, I was surprised by how the fact that nearly everyone on the team smoking. A month later, I lit a cigarette. And not because they enjoy particularly smoking. We had a living room and a large terrace, and in the summer, the pizzeria was always packed full of people. Long queues, hungry customers waiting for their orders, staff nervous. Go outside to smoke was almost the only opportunity to rest for a few minutes of all the madness. And who did not smoke, he was still working. But as I only needed to have the cigarette as an excuse to take a little break, as soon as I had finished working at the pizzeria, I said goodbye to them easily from this bad habit.

But the most difficult thing was the fact that the waiters were forbidden to sit if there was at least one person in the room. At the end of the turn, my legs were very tired, and the only thing I wanted when I got home was put them a bowl with ice water. Three years of working at the pizzeria I caused varicose veins that continue to wrestle until the day of today.

I graduated from university, after I found a job of my specialty. But I do not regret anything, because having worked as a waitress became a good experience for me, and strengthened me as a person. Now, when you arrive at any establishment, I still have the habit to assess the consistency of the work of the staff, I pay attention to many details and, at times, sigh with melancholy: “In contrast, we…”.

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