Trend for 2018: finger print scanner under the screen

In 2018, we see probably a lot of smartphones with a finger print scanner below the screen. Manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple may appeal to Synaptics, the company that the technology is developed.

In 2017 launched many top smartphones with so-called ” infinite display, in which there are from screen borders barely exist. That looks sleek, but there remains, therefore, at the bottom there is no space for a finger print scanner. That sensor was in the case of the OnePlus 5T , for example, specially towards the back moved. Not all smartphone users have found that the most convenient place. You can not see exactly what you are doing.

Among other Galaxy S9

The problem is solved by the sensor of Synaptics, which is ‘just’ at the front is to find and eliminated in the screen. The company announces that the five largest smartphonefabrikanten ” all have an interest in the technique. For convenience, we here assumed that in any case Samsung at that five hear. The rumor that the upcoming Galaxy S9 such a sensor possesses, is, in fact, already longer.

Smartphone from Vivo will be the first screens with integrated finger print scanner. That brand is not as well known, but in Asian countries the more. Incidentally, we know Synaptics as the company behind the touchpads in laptops.

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