Uber wants, that the food comes flying to its users

The popular transportation service Uber, you know that you should extend your services to stay on top, so now that is in the business of food, you want to give it a spin and make it flying.

The way in which this idea plans to be carried out is by means of the drones, which will be able to transport all kind of dishes up to the house of the users.

This idea came after seeing the huge success they had with Uber Eats, a delivery service of food that helps people eat everything that they crave at that very moment without having to make rows.

Based on this, and for bicycles and motorcycles ago, the company is working on Uber Express, a new tool that will focus on the delivery of product with drones, to make it faster and effective.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Uber Express could arrive in 2021 when the company has all the regulations in order and be able to fly without having any obstacle in the middle, because you constantly have to perform scales and land in places where it is not customary to see drones.

This is why Uber is still looking for a operations executive to help you to perform all this type of paperwork for that regulation to take place as soon as possible.

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The central mission of this project, in addition to beat your competition, is that customers get what they want quickly and without mishaps, because once in a while the dispatchers are stuck in traffic or in an accident.

With this idea on the table, users will be able to order endless dishes of any type of restaurant or chain and see how, literally, comes from the sky ready to be devoured

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