Ultra wealth: how to live the heirs of the empires of China business

The first associations that occur to one to mention China are poverty and the seriousness. A lot of people think that people live under the yoke of the power and can not afford any excess.

But it turns out that living in the Kingdom of the Medium can be very fun if your parents are very rich.

In Great.guru we analyze the social networks of the rich kids, which in China are called fuerdai or “rich second generation” and we did not see differences with the way of life of the rich kids in most democratic countries.

The young fuerdai just don’t know what to do in life, except to spend the money of the family

Often it is possible to see a young man behind the wheel of a car expensive that transports passengers with the rate of Uber cheaper to meet girls

To ordinary chinese, to put it mildly, do not like the rich kids

And the press writes about them worse than the american newspapers 10 years ago wrote about Paris Hilton

The fuerdai try not to appear where are the chinese middle class

That is why they organized the club “Relay China Elite Association” for the heirs of fortunes

In this club, the children of the rich can spend all of your time safely and get to know each other

Conditions of the club: an entrance fee of 200 thousand yuan (31.5 thousand USD) and a certificate of paid taxes of not less than 50 million yuan (about 8 million USD) per year

To change the public opinion about the fuerdai in 2011, the club Relay made a rebranding. And now the young rich prefer to be called “erdai”. That is to say, “the second generation”

From 2016 they are prohibited to appear on television

And now social networks have become for them the only chance to show off their lives of luxury

And although the chinese government condemns this way of life, “the rich second generation” this does not stop them

Receive expensive gifts and shown immediately to all of your subscribers

Travel as much as possible

During one night you can take several bottles of wine. And each one is worth 5 billion USD

The fuerdai not only use clothing of luxury brands, but also the collect

They serve dishes very expensive

And you know rest

Skiing and snowboarding

Or fun parties

And also gambling, despite the fact that casinos are banned in China

Any fuerdai who claims to be have expensive jewelry with diamonds almost unreal

The rich kids of the Kingdom in the Medium they travel in private planes

And they like to organize parties chic yachts elite

And despite this way of life, more than 60 percent of the chinese rich want to leave their country

And what do you think now about the country with the Communist Party in power?

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