An artist showed how he would see the people if they become cartoon characters of Pixar

The 3D artist Lance Phan gives fans of the animated films the unique opportunity to feel like the heroes of one of them. decided to introduce their work, because it really is worth it. Welcome to the world of the cartoon of Lance Phan! This is their website and their Facebook.

A single look at the factions idealized the characters of Pixar is enough to make one wonder how it would look if it became a hero of this magical world.

And how nice that the modern technologies can realize this little dream. While someone paints his works the old-fashioned way, with oil, pencil and watercolor, Lance Phan tries to create pictures in 3D using a computer. And it comes out perfectly.

It all started when Lance, for inspiration, taking as a basis the avatars and selfies of random users and converted them into masterpieces of cartoon

Now Lance takes as a basis one or several pictures of a person who previously made the order on the website of the artist. Then draw in Photoshop its three-dimensional portraits.

The illustrator gives great importance to the personal characteristics of each person, so that the images obtained are not very different from their real prototypes. That is why after the introduction to the world of cartoons, they are so easily identifiable, both by the owners of the images as its known. And even for us, the external observers.

Drawn with much care the details, the clothes, the face and even the tufts of hair that their characters can not be distinguished of the heroes of the original film studio american.

The main distinguishing feature of the works of Lance are the eyes, hyper of his characters. They look so believable that sometimes, for a moment, it may seem that the characters of the images are live people at any time will flash, and stretched the smile a bit more.

Little by little, these portraits gained so much popularity that Lance even had to stop accepting orders temporarily

Despite the fact that the creation of a masterpiece only takes a few hours, Lance works as a bee. However, anyone who wish can leave their email and receive a notification as soon as the artist has free time.

The artist himself speaks with modesty about his work

In his Instagram, he writes: “Some people ask me how I do it. I just think the head and shoulders, I paint the skin, add the hair, ’coso’ clothing, I apply the background will add light and brightness. After I look at the result, I look for flaws in my work, what do I edit and what do I rebuild again until I tell you that was well. Then I add the last touches and I think the final image”.

The works of Lance really are amazing!!! We offer you also enjoy them

What do you think of these creations as original? An awesome job, isn’t it?

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