A guy recreates costumes from movies from zero and the result is very fun

We’ve all wanted to dress as a cosplayer at least once, but the prices of some costumes we have stopped. This guy found a way to solve this problem and discovered how to do cosplay on a budget. Now we can all give ourselves this luxury!

In Great.guru we chose 30 ideas of cosplay low budget Anucha Sangchart for you get inspired.

30. Almost like in the movie

29. We never thought that toothpaste could become an octopus

28. What is all this?

27. The brush of the bathroom looks great here

26. Hairstyle in the style of Darth Vader

25. Without a Face is actually a finger

24. I can’t decide which of them looks better…

23. Wow, this is brilliant!

22. This Cheshire cat is very cute!

21. What a genius?

20. A new species of E. T.? You could call E. T. Nasal!

19. Now I’m going to have nightmares every time I look at my irons

18. If these are the onion rings, I love them!

17. Afraid of what may give the tennis!

16. An idea “cachetona”

15. The noodles of chicken already do not know how to before

14. When you do not want to eat the pasta, you can be Rapunzel!

13. A new way to recycle bottles

12. Airplane nose

11. ¡Pistols dryers!

10. Man, Duct Tape!

9. Joker always gives me the fear

8. All in a fraction of a second

7. During all that time we have been lying, saying that the Oscars were made of gold

6. This is the cosplay easier

5. Eye laser

4. Bart Simpson aka Rubber Glove

3. The Captain Fan will save the world!

2. New dish of ramen… mmm…

1. When the mouse of your computer has gone into “Terminator”

Now that you’ve seen what you can create this guy, please share in the comments if you have your own ideas of costumes for cosplay on a budget!

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