A guy had to be separated from your dog for an entire year, but his mother managed to make the distance more bearable

Leaving home is always difficult, and not only miss our parents, but also to our beloved pets. One user of Imgur told that his son went to study in another country for a year and was very worried about having to leave their dog at home. But your mom found a way to make more bearable their separation.

The dog meant a lot to the boy: to prove to his father that he could be responsible, the boy “walked” a belt of empty 2 times a day for a whole year. It is easy to imagine how happy I felt when, finally, he was able to have to your pet and how difficult it was for him to say goodbye to your four-legged friend. To encourage his son, the mother sent photos of the dog with tender comments throughout the year that he was out, without missing even a single day.

Great.guru was very touched by this story, and we propose to take a look at how you spent that year of separation. And, of course, the warmth that was the reunion.

It all started with this photo

And finally, the long-awaited reunion: “My son was afraid not being able to hold back the tears, go back to your dog”

Fortunately, the dog did not forget his owner and recognized him immediately.

What about you, have you had to separate yourself from your pet for a long time? How soportaste the separation?

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