An exercise that will help you to say goodbye to snoring for the entire night

Snoring can be due to many causes, but the most common of all replies to a swelling in the root of the tongue. Because of it, the airways narrow and the air that comes out makes the tissues of the nasopharynx to vibrate.

To reduce that swelling and release of the respiratory tract, the doctors have developed a special technique that eliminates snoring throughout the night. you will have to detail how it is to be a good port if you decide to put it into practice.

We must warn that this method helps to get rid of snoring for 7-8 hours. But solving the problem for it always requires to find the cause of snoring, it is necessary to consult your case with a specialist.

How to do it

Opens the mouth and pulls the tongue. With your index finger, try to reach the root of the tongue (at the height of the wisdom teeth) and press down slightly. Then, with circular movements in the form of massage, alternating increasing and decreasing the pressure on the part of the tongue towards the chin.

  • During this massage, it may cause unpleasant sensations or even a little painful. But fear not, it simply continues with the massage until those feelings away. Afterwards, the snoring will disappear for the whole night.

For those trying to reach the root of the tongue experience a gag reflex, it was suggested to do the following:

  1. Take a tooth brush and with the back (with the bristles facing upwards) starts to exert pressure close to that place where it appears that effect gag. Continue with the massage for 10 seconds.

  2. Continues massaging the tongue with this method for 2 or 3 days, gradually increasing the massage time and the force of pressure. Soon you’ll notice that the gag reflex has subsided a lot and you can move forward.
  3. Move deeper to the root of the tongue (about 0.5 centimeters), increasing the surface area massaged, and the force of pressure. After a couple of days, the gag reflex completely disappears, and you reach to the root of the tongue and get rid of the snoring.

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