A huge iceberg threatens to engulf a village of Greenland

The authorities of the town of Innarsuit, in the west of Greenland, have evacuated several dozen people whose homes were threatened by an iceberg close to the coast in the last few hours.

The great mass of ice moved towards the north, near the port of the population, and the authorities hope that the south wind that blows in the area move the iceberg of the village, of a hundred and a half of inhabitants, reported the local agency KNR. It has established a security perimeter and the area has shifted the Navy ship Danish “Knud Rasmussen”.

“We must be in the area and be prepared for if the worst happens,” said Jakob Rousøe, head of the Operations Unit of the Command, Arctic, according to KNR. A break of the iceberg could generate a tsunami that could engulf the small town.

The plane “Challengerfly” Command Arctic, belonging to the Danish Army, has also been moved to the area to assess the size of the iceberg.

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