An illustrator turned 12 young characters of Disney in adult men, that you could fall in love easily

Once already we wrote about the artist in Brazil Isaque Arêas, who portrayed the princesses of Disney at the age most adult. Now the illustrator “managed” to their lovers, that is to say, to the male characters. The princes, and Disney characters adults, according to Isaque Areas because there are few boys, but men imposing, with a beard, and even on occasion, with gray hair.

In we fell in love with these adult characters even more than in childhood. To see that the years only made them see even more charming.

Tarzan (“Tarzan”)

Tarzan is not as wild as in his youth: for 39 years finally learned to use the comb.

Captain Febo (“The hunchback of Notre Dame”)

The captain Febo no longer looks as simple as before. With age he has become more masculine and strong.

John Smith (Of“Pocahontas”)

A hairstyle with style and did their own thing: we have before us an example of male beauty.

Prince Adam (“Beauty and The Beast”)

For 47 years, prince Adam let himself grow a beard nice and changed his style of clothing and hairstyle for a more modern. And it fits very well.

Prince Florian (“Snow White”)

Prince Florian is the more old man among the princes: in 2017 met… oh, 100 years! But we must point out that it looks great to have an age so venerable.

Aladdín (“Aladdín”)

The small beard on the face of Aladdín gives it an appearance more confident. He is a man very handsome.

Li Shang (“Mulan”)

Li Shang now uses the short hair and khaki shirts. Surely Mulan loves it even more.

Prince Charming (“Cinderella”)

Prince Charming no longer looks so imposing, but still has a charming look. Surely granny Cinderella loves her prince old man like that on the day of your wedding.


A t-shirt and sporting a new hairstyle highlighted even more the great strength of Hercules. We dare to assume that it is his selfie of a gym.

Prince Eric (“The little Mermaid”)

Prince Eric almost has not changed. A naughty smile and a white shirt are the secret of its charm inexhaustible.

King Arthur (“Merlin the sorcerer”)

We all remember the king Arthur when I was a child, but in 2017 is already a grandpa to tender. How will be looked to its 30? Surely, incredible.

Prince Philip (“Sleeping Beauty”)

Gray hair and small wrinkles around the eyes only added charisma to the prince Philip. At 78, is still as active and fresh.

Which of these characters will seem the most attractive?

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