A judge determines that a parent can read the wasaps of a younger daughter

Last June, a court of first instance has already rejected that the father had committed a criminal offence, as argued by the complainant, for having allegedly taken over the conversations you had with her her daughter of 9 years via your mobile phone by way of a well-known instant messaging application.

According to the self of proceedings of the Provincial court, which has had access Efe, the public Prosecutor argues that the facts “do not constitute the crime” reported.

The car explains that “the respondent shares with the complainant the custody of their minor children and, therefore, has the obligation (…) to provide for them, educate them and give them an integral formation”.

“The development of social networks, as well as what is the whatsapp, it requires attention and supervision of parents to preserve the intactness of minors. In the present case, the father would be revised with the own child, in their presence, certain conversations of WhatsApp” impact.

To the magistrates of the Provincial Audience of Pontevedra responsible for the analysis of this case, “it can’t be said for the story of the complaint that the father is apoderare without the consent of the youngest daughter of your conversations in WhatsApp, by the fact of review with it specific conversations”.

“Also (we can say) that they deserved the qualification of data reserved, as data concerning (touching) to the intimacy unknown or hidden from the child and that it does not want the father to know and, even less, that the defendant sought to discover the secrets or violate the privacy of the child“, concludes the self against which no appeal and which orders the payment of costs to the mother.

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