A raccoon keeps you in suspense the entire world to climb more than 20 floors

On the 12th of June, just when everyone had their eyes on the historic meeting between president bush, Donald Trump, and the north Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, a small raccoon came up to climb a skyscraper. You may have seen too many movies of superheroes, or perhaps it was the very same Rocket Racoon from “Guardians of the Galaxy”: we do not know his motives, but his strange and heroic feat kept the world in suspense.

If you can’t wait to get to know this great raccoon nuthatch, Great.guru brings you photos of the place of the facts and the best comments from social networks about the topic, the place where it caused a whole mess.

The building that, for reasons incomprehensible, he called the attention to this small creature was the USB Tower, Minnesota. Could it be that there was going to be held any secret meeting of the super heroes of the Marvel Universe?

Realizing the raccoon mountain climber, the people inside the building leading were set up cameras and began to transmit through the Internet from the place of the facts

“It is on the ledge of our flat. It seems that it is okay. We were told that the building has traps on the roof and are trying to make the raccoon get up there. We all have our fingers crossed… #mprraccoon”.

“Here are some updates. But is resting now”, continued to share Paige Donnelly on his Twitter account.

While Internet users were asked where was the real Spider-Man and the Marvel heroes, the raccoon continued on his way. A Twitter user, Ben Johnson, managed to take this picture while continuing with the journey

The twin Rocket Racoon arrived at the 22nd floor, where I expected another witness with a camera

Reaching the 23rd floor, starred in a video. The animal appeared quite well, and even made an attempt to clean up to come out well in the photo

Firefighters came to the scene to assess the situation

“I can confirm that the raccoon has still itching. I also received a visit from the firefighters! On the rooftop waiting for him a bowl of cat food”.

The feat of the raccoon caused so much stir that until he began to dedicate illustrations

And even memes!

But the story had a happy ending

Fortunately, the raccoon managed to get up above, where they expected traps with cat food. Since the animal was very hungry, fell into one of them. But don’t worry, not happened absolutely nothing. The next morning he was rescued by specialist members of the Agency of Protection of the Wildlife.

Why do you think that this animal took the decision to climb a building? It tell us what you think about this skillful and heroic raccoon in the comments section!

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