A democratic senator used ufos as an excuse to divert $ 22 million to a donor

The Pentagon spent between 2008 and 2011, more than 22 million dollars, in a program called Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, dedicated to research into the UFO phenomenon, as reported by The New York Times. But this initiative could have been, in the background, the lid of a case of alleged favourable treatment.

This program was launched at the initiative of Harry Reid, democratic senator of the state of Nevada. The problem is that most of that money went to the hands of an aerospace company founded by Robert Bigelow, a billionaire convinced of the existence of alien life, and that he had previously donated amounts of money to the campaign of the senator.

Be that as it may, what is certain is that the program investigated several events related to the ufo phenomenon, among them the persecution that two fighters from the aircraft carrier Nimitz conducted in 2004 on the California Coast, an unidentified flying object the size of a commercial airliner. But, in 2011, the Pentagon decided to close it down after not being able to get interesting results.

But, although as we have already said, in this case it seems to have some dark points regarding the awarding of the money, what is certain is that it would not be the first time that u.s. authorities are serious about research of the UFO phenomenon. The most ambitious project was christened as the Blue Book, conducted by the air force between 1951 and 1969. We analyzed nearly two thousand cases of alleged sightings, and the findings revealed that approximately 700 could be considered as fraud, and that most of them were misinterpretations of phenomena are perfectly explainable by natural causes.

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