A third of the population in Mexico is still without Internet

Recently, Hootsuite, a web-based platform that manages social networks by organizations or individuals, presented research in which ensures that the use of the Internet and social networks in Mexico grew 13 percent in the year 2017. Through the study, one of the findings highlighted was the fact that in Mexico, 65 per cent of the mexicans already have an Internet connection.

In the past 12 months, the Internet penetration increased by 12 percent to reach 85 million. According to the study, focusing on the use of social networks, Mexico increased 9 percent, so that at least 83 million users are interacting through digital platforms.

States of Mexico with the highest and lowest number of Internet users

Mobile devices

Technology has become an extension of humanity, so that the mobile devices are involved in the use of the Internet. The use of social networking on mobile devices increased by 13 per cent in the last year, reaching 78 million users. 93 per cent of these users access the networks from their mobile devices.

However, despite any forecast, the smartphone is not the one that tops the list of device most widely used, because in the first place, with 87 percent, the study found that from any cell phone the users enter to the Internet. In turn, the computers are in third place, positioning themselves on top of the tablets. The werables occupy a very low percentage in terms of connection with just a 3 per cent.

internet en mexico

Social networks

On average, mexicans spend 8 hours and 17 minutes connected to the Internet and 3 hours of that time is dedicated to social networks. Services streaming of movies and tv occupy, on average, 2 hours and 52 minutes, while the platforms musical proved to be below the list before the consumption of the users in Mexico.

In Facebook, the total number of users is 83 million, 9% more than in January of 2017. 94% of users of Facebook accessing via mobile. For its part, Instagram has 20 million users, which accounts for 15% of the total population.

In what regards electronic commerce, 56% of respondents looked for products and services online. 43% bought a product online, and 27% did so using a mobile device.

Frequency of Internet use

Another interesting fact that produced the research was the fact that only 2 percent of the mexican population uses the Internet less than once a month. However, 78 per cent are connected to everyday, while 15 per cent once a week.

What are the countries that have more restrictions to the access of the Internet?

The perspective that you have Mexico before the Internet connection denotes a strong belief that suggests that the new technologies offer more opportunities than risks. at least 82 percent of mexicans with Internet access believe in the importance of privacy and data protection. However, despite the fact that during the last months, the percentage of population with connection increased significantly, there are still many areas that are lagging behind.

How do you use the Internet?, What activity do you do more through your mobile devices?

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