A French artist shows in his illustrations, in a way that is honest and fun, what it means to be a mom

Parenting is probably the best and most difficult of the Earth. Having a baby brings so much fun, happiness and pain that sometimes you just have to share it with the world. This is exactly what the French artist Nathalie Jomard made by means of his illustrations, full of sarcasm, frankness and love.

Great.guru you are invited to take a look at these 25 images and see you, or just to enjoy if you are not a mother.

1. Only the parents know the challenge that means to make a child eat healthy…

2. …especially if the rule does not apply to all

3. Oh, and who said you can’t be jealous of your partner?

4. Motherhood gives you a new perspective on the disaster

5. You learn to find advantages in situations unexpected…

6. …and you understand that the authority of the parents is a mythical creature

7. The motto of Gothel “wise mom” becomes your motto

8. Planning becomes essential

9. You learn to fight against your fears… or at least try

10. Sometimes explaining something is a real struggle

11. And it is even more difficult when you are full of emotions

12. Sometimes what you really need in the first two years is to be honest

13. Let’s talk about the pregnancy: in the first place, it is to spend most of your money on clothes…

14. …learning to be creative

15. …to be ironic

16. …to find creative solutions

17. But the fun doesn’t end there! What about jokes about your breasts?

18. Breastfeeding your own piranha is a pleasure

19. Multi-tasking is a rule of daily survival

20. Saying “no” is virtually impossible

21. Not being able to be alone, even in the most intimate moments

22. Now you know that the whole world is a playground

23. Going out without makeup is not the worst that could happen

24. By the way, how have we not mentioned that kids give the best gifts?

25. But of course, the best thing of all is…

And you, what do you like most about motherhood? Please share your stories in the comments below!

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