A girl has published in his Twitter the photos of her cat hidden: try to find it in these images

Surely all cat owners even once in the life have spent a lot of time trying to find your pet, while the one he slept under a couch or between the wall and a large closet.

The tender kitten Empanadita (Pierogi) also loves to play hide-and-seek. Its owner, the writer and comic american Grace Spelman, she moved to live in a new department. The boxes and bags with things that are a paradise for the little ninja. The girl published the photos on his Twitter and asks his friends to help find his beloved kitten.

Great.guru invites you to test your observation and find the cunning pet in these photos. Click on each image to see the correct answer.

10. Level: novice

9. Level: hard

8. Level: observer

7. Level: attentive

6. Level: very attentive

5. Level: explorer

4. Level: falcon

3. Level: eagle eye

2. Level: Superman

1. Level: the eye that sees everything

Have you managed to find Empanadita in all the photos? Share your result in the comments.

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