A girl and her 4 friends traveling together. This would be a story normal, if it weren’t for the friends that have

At first, Jennifer first met Watson, then to Kiko, Harry, and finally to London. And it turned out that they all have one common passion: travel. This story would be similar to hundreds of others if it were not for one thing: Watson and Kiko are dogs, Harry is a cat, and London is a hedgehog.

Great.guru proposes you to meet a company’s extraordinary travels through different corners of the united States.

Watson is a golden retriever English. The boyfriend of Jennifer gave it to me for this to be a moral support in a difficult period of the life of his girlfriend. Therefore, this puppy marked the beginning of a strong friendship.

The retriever american named Kiko has nearly 7 years and joined Jennifer and Watson when he was 4 years old. Three years before, the dog had been lost and all this time he was traveling through the united States until he found an owner who wanted to. At the beginning, he was very restless and could not get used to their new home.

Jennifer called Watson “one who embraces” and Kiko “the kiss” because he first loves embrace to his friend and Kiko likes to kiss.

In addition, Jennifer says that Watson likes to swim, and chew sticks, but his favorite activity is to touch the face of Jennifer with her nose in the mornings to wake her up.

Along with his landlady, Watson and Kiko they travel different corners of the united States and never tire of hugging.

Harry came to the company friendly Jennifer, Watson and Kiko when he was a kitten. The girl adopted him from a shelter. She says that she discovered that Harry had a genuine passion for travel.

Harry is perfectly adapted to the company. Despite the fact that what they like most about Watson and Kiko is to spend time together, the cat fits perfectly in this group of friends.

And no one seems to note that they belong to clans that are mortal enemies for a long time.

Recently, this narrow circle it has been united to another little friend, to be more precise, a friend of mine that is called London.

And definitely liked your large furry friends.

Each time that Kiko gets nervous, Watson embraces and reassures them, thus, the day-to-day becomes more happy.

Jennifer says that did not imagine a love so pure and unconditional until on your life appeared these four-legged friends who help each other to overcome their anxieties and to be really happy, regardless of whether they walk on four legs or on two.

And you, what do you know of examples of a friendship extraordinary?

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