A company will pay for the trip of 500 km in Uber of a drunk

There are moments in which we want to have fun no matter what, but with the certainty to have a safe means of transportation in the us to move to our destination without the risk of driving under narcotic drugs. Uber is an example of service users to take as a refuge or as an alternative to enjoy a long night of drinks and so arrive at their destinations well, but everything seems to indicate that a man did not know how to measure their limits.

The story begins like this: a man named Kenneth Bachman traveled from New Jersey to West Virginia to visit his friends to have fun. Taking advantage of this situation, the left party and decided to get lost in the alcohol.

Due to the state it was in, introduced a path wrong in the app of Uber to return to your destination. He was staying temporarily near the University of West Virginia, but made the mistake of indicating that will take you back to your home.

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This route meant that Uber ride to the user on a journey of over 500 kilometers, as expected, the final price would be of 1,635 dollars. Kenneth, on board the vehicle, and fell asleep for two hours on the way, until he woke up with the bad news that since we only stayed for an hour to get to New Jersey.

Bachman, not being able to pay the fee that Uber were charging, he decided to tell his story through a foundation called GoFundMe with the goal of raising the money, and a food company decided to take over. Eat Clean Bro, a franchise of food that is characterized by healthy food, took the dumbbell to be responsible.

Through their official social media, food company released that it would pay gladly as a thank you to Kenneth Bachman not would lead in a state of intoxication. On Twitter, the company said that they supported the decision of Bachman for not having put at risk other drivers, and without any problem they would pay the fee imposed by Uber.

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Kenneth Bachman took the correct decision to request an Uber instead of driving, but we still need to be careful with what we do because it may not always run with luck that a food company wants to make responsible for us.

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