A scene from ‘Daredevil’ is going crazy all

The new season of Daredevil was released just this Friday and people already have a lot to say.

In general the feeling is positive, has long been called the best series of súperheroes of Marvel on Netflix. And, in general, as one of the best of the platform.

But one of the elements that has always been admired and applauded in the series have been incredible and excellently well coreografeadas scenes of fights.

In the first season, it took a lot of forgetting this scene of a fight in the hallway that lasted three minutes.

In the second level, which is exceeded with a scene of five minutes and that happened on some stairs.

In the third season, they threw the house out the window and gave a scene of 11 minutes with multiple extras involved, with dialogues that made the action to become more extreme.

This scene happens in the fourth episode of the new season, is leaving the audience with the mouth open.

We’re not going to spoilear, but below you can see some of the reactions to run to see it.

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