A photographer showed the pressure on the parents and reminded how important it is to respect the choice of others

“You do not have to carry the child always or you will get used”, “isn’t it very sweet?”, “Don’t you think that the child goes to the kindergarten at a younger age?”, “It is time to think of the second child, your daughter will get bored without a sibling”. This is only a small part of the critique: hidden or direct, which fathers receive on a daily basis, whether they want to or not. The photographer Abbie Fox paid attention to this problem and with the help of a photography project extraordinary showed the pressure that the parents have in the world today.

Normally Abbie makes photo sessions , family and romantic, but this project stands out in comparison with others. She made more than 30 portraits of children, who keep the tables in their hands with the signaling of different approaches to education, for which they criticized their parents or they were comments.

Great.guru believes that Abbie Fox raised a very important topic for discussion. Perhaps you have been faced with something similar?

“My parents work a full business day, and I’m left with a babysitter,”

“Our mom is a housewife”

“My parents decided to feed me with milk powder for babies”

The problem to which the photographer devoted his project, has the name of “momshaming”, which translates to the English “mom” — mom, “shame” — shame. It is a criticism that is not asked, accusations, and observations addressed to the parents for their choice in the methods of the care of their children and education. Abbie wanted to call the attention of the people to respect the choice of others and show: while the children are healthy and happy, no matter how you educate them.

“I take the medication of ADHD and autism”

“I have the alternative scheme of immunization”

The photographer climbed up your work to Facebook and it evaluated more than 22 thousand people. On the tables were written the following sentences: “he Ate popcorn homemade”, “Our mom took coffee during pregnancy”, “In my bedroom there is a tv”, among others. If the lively discussions on some topics are not surprising, as for example the breastfeeding and milk powder for baby, to see other posters, you wonder: what might have been criticized by the food at different times or using essential oils?

“I’m still sleeping with my parents”

“My mom ran marathons when she was pregnant with me”

Unfortunately, the situation is the following: parents have to listen to criticism almost for any reason. The most difficult thing is when they are by persons near you: your partner or a relative. In addition, Abbie notes that even groups for mothers on the Internet are full of negativity, but their task is to exchange experience and help to first-time parents.

“Mom lets me get hysterical”

“We were born by c-section planned”

Abbie has three children and she knows the problems very well, the girl wrote about them in his journal:

“In this world of technology where we spend a lot of time in Facebook and in the groups of mothers, we find one important thing every day: shaming moms. The people put the eyes in white and say that no longer happens, but you are alive and can hurt quite a bit. When I became a mother for the first time cried over things people have said to me, and more often were other moms that I criticized.”

“I was born at home”

“I’m going to a private school”

“Why can’t we just get along? It is a question I ask myself all the time. If our children are healthy, happy, and prosperous, who cares if our modes of education are different? Yes, there are things that I personally could never do because of my beliefs, but I know that my friends are also amazed by the things they would do to my children. We are all doing our best to support these small human and not drive ourselves crazy. We all have different points of view about the education of children and we need to realize that they can raise children in a different way, because we have different values and things that are important to us.”

“I have an iPhone”

“I can already see the tv”

“I do not take the medication against ADHD”

“My mom gave me chest for up to two years”

“My mom doesn’t force me to eat, if I don’t want to”

“Study at home”

“My mom used modern medicine”

We hope that the project of Abbie helps people to understand how important it is to respect the choice of others, because as she was highlighted in its publication, “no matter how we feed, how much time let us see the television, if we are vaccinated or not, our parents are doing what they believe is best for us and we ARE DEAR”.

The full session of photos you can find on Instagram or Twitter.

What do you think about the project of Abbie Fox? Have you ever faced such a criticism is not desired to address with your father? Tell us what helped you to overcome the negative experience.

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