A young woman who escaped from North Korea and 7 other interesting people responded to tough questions about themselves

The Internet has it all and here is a test: users of the web site Reddit came up with the idea that any person with an experience of interesting life you could create a topic, tell about itself in a few words, and that other users could ask any question. Appeared all kinds of characters: from an innocent man who had spent 15 years in prison up to Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons.

In Great.guru we have selected people with life stories so completely different that was of most interest to the readers of the site.

1. Hello, I’ve been to 125 countries in a journey uninterrupted, without having gone to a single plane. I will answer any question!

At what point did you realize you needed all this?

When he was 34 years old. At first I thought I was too old and that it had to have started at 24. Then I thought that at 44 years of age I would regret not having started now. Then I started creating my mini-project, which consisted of traveling to all the countries without getting on a plane. By the way, in the beginning, until I had a sponsor.

What was the most difficult?

The paperwork and the free travel in the hold of a cargo ship.

What country was most difficult to enter?

Let’s Equatorial Guinea! When I was in Africa, the country was in quarantine and the borders were closed, I had to wait 4 months.

In what countries the food is more delicious?

In Ethiopia. And also in Italy, Serbia, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Senegal, Gabon and south Africa.

What is your favorite country?

I don’t have a favorite, but these are the 3 most unique spots: Greenland, Cuba and Iran.

How much did you spend on all this?

50 thousand USD. Attempt to spend around 20 USD per day.

2. When I was 18 years old, fled North Korea to China, where they sold me as a bride. It asks what you want!

How escapaste of North Korea?

He lived close to the border with China, so I knew about the way people live all over the world and I decided to firmly flee the country. My stepmother knew a man who said he would send me to the other side of the border, but he deceived us. When I was in China, I said that I had to pay for the trip, otherwise it would be sold as a bride. I didn’t have the money, so finally I got married with a chinese and gave birth to a daughter.

Do you live in slavery?

No, I escaped again, and now I’m in South Korea. The trip and the border crossing were incredibly difficult and I had to flee without my daughter. I hope I can bring her here, but I can’t imagine how to make my husband’s family I give it to.

What North korea is really as terrible as it is portrayed in the media?

It is even worse. The leaders focus on the military achievements and to show the media scenes of life in Pyongyang, while the majority of the inhabitants of the country do not live, they survive.

How many people actually believe in the propaganda of North Korea and think Kim Il Sung is a god?

Those who live in the border with China know that it is a hoax, they have access to the chinese media. People who live isolated from the foreign media actually believe in the propaganda.

What they say in North Korea to the children about the West?

In the book studies, the western world is portrayed as a horrible place and the americans as evil people. We are also told that South Korea and North Korea will not be reunited due to the intervention of the united States.

What you surprised to in South Korea?

The short skirts! And also couples who hold hands in public places. In the language of South Korea there are many foreign words that are taken from English.

3. I live in a shopping mall and all the nights I hide from the security guards. I will answer any question!

How did it happen?

Work in a furniture store and I am one of those that close for the night. I thought, why should I rent a house if I have 100 beds available to me? I have a small business in which spending all of my money and that is why I am saving on housing.

How do sales of the store in the morning to not activate the alarm?

I found a door without motion sensors in the area of receipt of goods.

And how do you do with the bath and with the shower?

The store has a women’s bathroom, is the one I use. It smells more pleasant there. I shower every morning at a nearby gym.

How do you avoid the guards and security cameras?

I don’t sleep in the beds that are in the room, because near there go the guards. I dragged a huge mattress to one of the service rooms and there is where I sleep, the guards did not go there. There are only 4 cameras, I know where they are located.

4. I have schizophrenia, I hear voices and I see things that are not there. Do you want to ask something

Tell me about your hallucinations.

They are voices that I hear “from within”. Can talk among themselves and with me. I also speak with them, but not in public.

What kind of personalities are they?

There are three: Demon (I can hear it and see it), White, and Baby. The last two just hear. Devil hates me to me and to all the others. White and Baby, are the only voices of women that behave neutrally.

If you were to disappear, what the extrañarías?

I think that yes, they were always in my life. It would be like losing a body part.

When did you realize that you were not like all the others?

When I was 13 years old. Before that, everyone thought he was joking, not even my parents believed me.

Can you draw a Demon?

Yes, here it is.

Sorry for the silly question: if you swim in the sea, is Demon-nothing next to you?

I usually wait on the beach, that’s why I like to swim. The only way I can get rid of him for a while.

Can you say something about its origins?

Say they were born with me.

5. Hello, I grew up in a family of nudists. I hope the questions!

Who decides if the child will also be nude?

Young children usually like to run around without clothes on the beach or in your house and when you have enough awareness, they can choose if they want to remain nude or not. I, for example, at the age of 11 I decided that it would be “ordinary”.

Do nudists have any rule?

Yes, them in any situation they perceive nudity as a natural state of the body, and deprive it of the sexual connotations.

A real man nudist don’t have to go alone to a nude beach: you must go with a woman or with your family. Otherwise, it will be perceived as a threat and an undesirable element. We all know why single men go to these beaches.

Where and when are you without clothes?

At home, as well as in the surrounding area. We dressed to go shopping to the city. We take off the clothes in the spring and we put it in the middle of autumn, when it is cold.

What if a classmate goes to your house and they are all naked? Then what?

I studied in my house, and we didn’t have too many close friends, just nudists, so this situation is impossible.

6. I have a brain disorder and literally can’t feel anger. Do you want to ask me something?

What are the pros and cons of your condition?

The worst thing is that I can not understand why you are upset other people, so sometimes communication is difficult. But in any company I am the most objective and calm.

If something bad happens, how do you react?

I feel sad, or I think in the situation and I am looking for the reasons why that happened. When I stole the phone, I was thinking about who could have done, and what had led to that.

I’d really like to play “Dota” with you, please write to me!

Never played it, but of course, I’d love to.

7. Hi, I am a plastic surgeon. Don ask me what you want!

Did you have patients that will take you to minor children? Do you work with them?

Has passed, usually I send them to a psychiatrist. Once there came a Korean mother that I wanted to do that your 7 year old son had eyes more “european”.

Did you have any other request crazy?

Someone asked me to make her wings (oh!), other than to become someone of the “X-Men” or that made you look like Kim Kardashian.

Did you have patients who were not satisfied with the result of a plastic surgery?

Few, but, unfortunately, yes, I did. Sometimes they asked me for something that was very difficult to mold from their “raw material”. Fortunately, until now I have never been sued and I hope they don’t do it.

Does anyone wanted to play the “Fight Club” and steal the fat pumped out during liposuction?

Yes, and he was a doctor. He had managed to make biodiesel from the fat of their patients, and so carried his car.

8. I am color blind, recently I used a lens that allowed me to see the color. Oh ask me about that!

What is your favorite color?
The yellow. It is a real madness! Very bright.

I saw videos of people with color blindness that put these lenses on for the first time, these people were very excited. Do you happened the same?

In the first 10 seconds, when I put the lenses and I looked around, it was as if all those colors to me were knocked down, I almost start to cry in front of all the world. Then temblé for two hours. I feel a rush of adrenaline, even with just writing about it!

When you were describing how you saw the colors, what you imagined as well?

No, I did not imagine that it would be so bright. The brightness of each tone is truly amazing, especially the red and the yellow. I didn’t know what I was missing!

I had heard that the trees are very beautiful in autumn, but to me it always looked the same. That’s why I wait with anxiety the arrival of autumn.

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