Use a polar bear dying of hunger to make propaganda climate

The organization SeaLegacy, dedicated to preserving the oceans “using the capacity of narratives to create the change we want to see”, has posted a video shot last August in which it sees a polar bear dying of hunger, of whose situation has been implicated by climate change. And the press from all over the world have purchased the goods, although as in previous cases, there is absolutely no scientific proof that the bear in question was hungry for anything that had to do with climate change. And it is to die of hunger, according to zoologists, it is the way of death more common among polar bears.

“We stayed there crying, burning as the tears fell down our cheeks,” says photographer Paul Nicklen, responsible for the video, who believes that the bear probably died a few hours after they were taken these pictures. “This is the aspect of a death by starvation. Muscles atrophy. It is not energy. It is a slow and painful death.” Not helped by the bear because they “were out there with a tranquilizing dart or 200 pounds of seal meat, in addition to that it is illegal in Canada to feed the polar bears. As well has reported on the video to the press:

Even the media who did not buy the angle climate to the holder took him on the inside. Cross-examined by the canadian CBC Radio, the co-founder of SeaLegacy Cristina Mittermeier acknowledged that “it is impossible to know why he was in that state. It could be a wound or a disease.” Despite this, she claimed that the real cause is irrelevant. “The idea is that was starving of hunger and that, as we lose sea ice in the Arctic, the polar bears will die of hunger”. An idea that adds Nicklen: “When scientists say that polar bears will become extinct in the next 100 years, I think a global population of 25,000 bears dying this way”.

However, if the death of this bear would have been caused by the lack of ice in the Arctic, it is logical that there were many more like him, and that the polar bear population was going down. Remember that it is the only species that has been declared in danger of extinction, not because their numbers were low, but because mathematical models the predictions. But the reality has not followed the dictates of the models and the population of bears has increased in recent years.

The cause, according to dr. Susan Crockford, would be at which its survival would not be affected by a smaller extent of sea ice in the summer, but in the spring, that is when they get their food. According to observations made in the 70’s, long before the extension of the arctic ice causing a concern, in summer, the polar bears have much more difficult to hunt seals because the sea ice they have more holes and the holes through which these animals can escape. And it seems to be right, because otherwise the bear population would have decreased instead of increase these past years in that there has been much less sea ice in the Arctic during the summer.

As is also the case with climate models, which predicted the extinction of polar bears have not been successful until now. In both cases, the observations do not give rise to alarmism, but without scaremongering how it’s going to get SeaLegacy achieve their goals?

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