Alternative uses of the carbonated water that did not know

We know that the carbonated mineral water is a good alternative to the sugary sodas. We also know that their properties saciantes and it has no calories, which makes it to be consumed by people who follow a diet. What not everyone knows are its potential applications in our daily life. Do you want to know?

In we show you some tricks that will make the carbonated mineral water to stop just being a drink.

1. It helps to make the digestion

Drinking water with gas can alleviate your digestive problems. The bubbles of dissolved carbonic acid that it contains stimulate the secretion of gastric juices, thus helping our body to make the digestion easier.

2. Gives fluffiness to your dishes

If you replace the milk or water by mineral water with gas, you will ensure that the mass you’re going to cook it is light and fluffy. This is because the bubbles contained in the water with gas. In bakery and pastry, it is a trick very used.

3. Clean tough stains

When you apply water with gas on the soiled area of your clothing, the carbonic acid which contains this drink eliminates the dirt at the moment. It is very useful to remove stains difficult as the coffee, wine or oil.

4. Helps to cleanse shellfish

This drink helps to remove sand from the shellfish before cooking. To clean them easily, they should leave two hours in the refrigerator, in a pot of water with gas. Once you pass this time, you will see how the dirt of the mussel is removed faster.

5. Help in the cooking of the vegetables

It helps that the vegetables are cooked through before and have a bright color and eye-catching. If you want your vegetables to have a healthy appearance, you should not cook with tap water. The waste that drags this water, make the vegetables lose their characteristic color.

6. To clean silver

The silver objects in your home will regain its shine if you clean them with carbonated water. Heats the amount you need and then the arrows to a container. For greater effect, add lemon juice. Enter here the silver objects that you want to clear for a few minutes, and scrub them occasionally with a brush. Once clean, dry them with a cloth to remove the moisture completely.

7. Hydrates and cleans your skin

Mineral water with gas helps to control sebum production and cleanses the excess fat of the skin. Thanks to its calcium content, it provides elasticity and firmness to the epidermis, as well as hydration.

If you want to improve the look of your skin, you must put the face in a bowl of water with gas, taking the skin desmaquillada previously. Perform this treatment two times a week to notice results.

8. Improving the appearance of your mane

The content of bicarbonate, which is water with gas, it improves the condition of the hair giving it shine and removing possible residues. You can also use carbonated water to eliminates the frizz effect on your hair, or for making curls more defined.

9. Get your plants to grow faster

If we water our plants with this mineral, we will grow healthier and strong. This is due to the nutrients and minerals in this drink.

10. Improves the taste of your coffee

The type of water that you use to prepare the coffee will determine its flavor and consistency. If you do it with carbonated mineral water, you’ll see how your coffee is more creamy. This is because that baking soda can increase and maintain the consistency of the cream.

Do you know other uses of water gas? It tell us!

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