Users shared photos created with applications, and are difficult to forget

Our smartphones are like an entertainment center complex. In addition to games, you can take out the boredom using all kinds of applications. The graphics editors are especially popular: they change our age, sex, allow you to swap faces with other people, we wear make-up and do many more things. compiled the photos more entertaining created with different applications. It is curious to see how luciríamos if everything was different.

1. Duck face

2. “I turned to my cat in an old man of 60 years”

3. “My friend changed the face of my boyfriend by the statue china. Came out much better than we expected”.

4. A tattoo of luxury

5. “My brother changed places with my dog and me. Now I am happy.”

6. “I have tried a makeup application with my son and now he became a woman strong and independent”

7. “Perhaps this has been the exchange of faces more horrible”

8. I put a mustache and beard

9. Face of wrist

10. “Envejecí my breakfast with applications”

11. The exchange of faces perfect

12. They look a little weird

13. Now a cat is hipster

14. It seems that the baby will look like his father

15. Heartbreaker

16. That was the birth of a new work of art

17. “I changed places of my cats”

18. “I have tried a makeup application at a baby of 7 months”

19. “My sister engordó a bit the cat”

20. This application did a good job

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