Internet users shared photos of their pets acting in a manner quite rare

Several research studies have shown that people with pets have a lower risk of heart disease, and have a better blood pressure and health in general. In addition to that, the human-animal bond reduces the stress and generates positive emotions. After all, it is no secret that sometimes laughter is the best medicine, and what could be more fun than to see your pet behaving in a way very crazily?

For those who have pets, it is very common to see them doing crazy things and behaving in a strange way. And, miraculously, some of those owners were able to capture those moments with your camera.

In we have collected hilarious photographs of dogs and cats behaving in a way that can hardly be explained.

1. This cat has habits quite strange

2. Life of small dogs can be very stressful…

3. When you finally catch your tail and you have no idea what to do with your life from then on:

4. Like when you lose a bet:

5. When you are so small that you can easily fit in the food dish of your mom:

6. When you suddenly start to question the purpose of your existence:

7. “Would you give Me another cookie, please?”

8. After playing for hours and hours…

9. “Have you already finished work?”

10. When you pursue the cat and all of a sudden you get stuck on your entrance door to house:

11. When you’re not allowed to sleep on the bed and lay you down on a heap of sheets:

12. We are in the 2018 and our pets love selfies as much as we do

13. “These cushions woolly they are very comfortable…”

14. “I told you, I’m too young to see horror films”

15. Jealousy: graphic description

16. When you finally find the best position for sleeping:

17. What Koala? Wait, it’s a cat!

18. How is it possible to sleep well?

19. So that serves that space!

20. When you’re so beautiful that all the chickens in the yard are dying to see you:

21. This is the best graphic description of having patience

22. “Hello! What do the bottom of the table, master?”

23. “The dog is chasing the cat in this scene. I will let you know when I finish”

24. True friendship is when you forget all the stereotypes and let the cat sleep on your back

Which of these photos you found most fun? Do you have pets? Please share your own images with us in the comments!

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