Do you use pirated versions of Spotify? You should reconsider

Spotify, one of the services streaming music more popular, is making a great effort to eradicate piracy. If you are one of those users who use pirated versions of the app to Android, maybe you should reconsider, as it is likely you can’t use the music platform.

An example of an application is not official or modified is Dogfood, a variant of open-source code that jumps all the restrictions that have Spotify. According to a report from TorrenFreak, the accounts that use pirated versions of the streaming services are receiving emails from the company that warn about possible suspension or cancellation of the profiles.

Around the world, there are 159 million users that use Spotify, of which 71 are premium subscribers; that is to say, pay for the music service. Thus, 88 million are the ones who must deal with some limitations such as the be able to listen to ads constantly, or the inability to play a song in specific.

Of course, those who enjoy the service free of charge, interface is decent, but the strategy of Spotify is to make them see that if they pay, may have better benefits.

Why we prefer the songs “little old ladies”?

However, there are applications modified, which may eliminate many of the restrictions that have the free version of Spotify. The only thing that users must do is sign up for free the Spotify account, download one of the many installation files that exist for the service, put user name, password and start enjoying.

While it is unknown the number of users who take advantage of Spotify illegally, everything seems to indicate that the service is already taking action on the matter to prevent this happening, making it clear to receivers that are already on the radar of the company, so that could have consequences.

You can read in the mail the following:

“We have detected abnormal activity in the application, for which we have given of low, but not to worry. Your account is safe. To access your Spotify account, you need to download your extension illegal .”

Here’s the email that Spotify sent to a significant number of users, who began to wonder what was happening through social networks.

spotify pirateria

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It is likely that if you’re one of those users and still does not delete your apps illegal, in the course of these days you receive a mail from the company. Best of all, if you do not want to lose your account, it could be that you remove those extensions are not approved by the service streaming music.

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