From 2018 choice in the type of router in telecomabonnement

From mid-2018 to get consumers the freedom to make your own a router, modem or tv receiver to choose if they are a new subscription. Now get them by default by the provider designated model, but that will soon change.

Now, if you have a subscription with a telecom provider, for example, for a fixed internet subscription with a digital tv, you have to depend on the equipment provided by that provider will be delivered. From mid-2018 may be a consumer, however, determine whether they have the hardware of the provider wants to decrease, or equipment purchase.

More competition

The government hopes that in this way more of the competition between all isps. As a new customer, for example, a router that is easy with the network of the new provider can be used, would a customer discount on the subscription. According to Secretary of state Mona Keijzer of Economic Affairs belongs to a router, modem or tv receiver to a private network. Why would customers decide what equipment there for use.


Providers now offer however, equipment that is specifically configured for the internet service for which they are supplied. The chances are that consumers who have a new subscription, but not use the hardware that the provider is provided, against configuration and connectivity issues will occur. For example, Telfort, for example, special tv-boxes, which won’t work with a tv service by Ziggo and vice versa. Also, most routers are already pre-configured so that they work directly when connecting to the connection.


In addition, roles internet service providers on a regular basis updates, for the certified equipment, such as security and prestatieupdates. Which updates apply than not if a customer chooses to use its own router or tv box to use.

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