Vendors to bribe employees of Amazon to remove their bad reviews

A bad review can mean a lot of losses for a seller on Amazon and many would be willing to tactics not very legal to prevent it. According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, some vendors are offering bribes to employees of Amazon to remove negative reviews on the platform.

According to the sources, this means, this practice is more common in China, where small companies these days tend to pay about 6,000 pesos to lower the bad grades.

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These “services” seem to occur in the messaging platform china’s WeChat and organized by agents to connect to the vendors with Amazon employees.

But this is not all, thanks to these practices the vendors also have access to confidential information of the company, as habits of consumption, volume of sale of certain products, etc., This gives them a competitive advantage, it is by this that the access to such data is prohibited by Amazon.

The giant of sales online has launched an internal investigation to find sellers and Amazon employees found violating the policies of the company.

“We have zero tolerance of abuse of our system and if we find bad actors with this behavior, we will take action against them, including cancelling their accounts of sellers, to delete all the reviews, withhold funds, and take legal action”, said a company spokesperson. and Partners.

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