VIDEO: Waymo broadcasts the exact time of the shock of your autonomous vehicle

Yesterday I had a Waymo, the company of Google dedicated to the transport self-employed, in addition to the “black list” of accidents of vehicles autoconducidos, but after you see the evidence, exculparán to the company of all their sins.

What we expect to see at the Google I/O 2018

And is that Waymo, released a video where you can see the exact moment in which the accident took place and what is certain is that the vehicle of Waymo was unable to avoid the incident in any way. In the clip, you can see how a vehicle that he was driving in opposing lanes loses control and goes directly against the car driven car to hit it in fractions of a second.

Already the police of the county of Chandler, Ariz., had argued that the evidence indicated that the responsibility for the accident could not be attributed to the car of Google, whose administrators had the foresight enough to install a front-facing camera to “get vaccinated.”

According to police information, the accident took place during the middle of the day last may 4, at the intersection of Chandler Village Drive and Chandler Boulevard. In this place, a Honda, had to turn around to avoid crashing into a vehicle at a junction, coming out of his lane and encroaching on the contrary where was the car Waymo impacting against this. Fortunately the autonomous vehicle driving at a low speed at that time, in the top video we look at the perfection as all this happened, it is recorded images from the own autonomous vehicle. This is the exact moment.

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