Watching these dogs do not it is neither the slightest doubt of who’s the boss at home

Aicama Zorba, so was called the largest dog in the world, who lived in Great Britain. She weighed almost 156 kilograms and was 94 centimetres tall. But, in general, it is considered that the St. Bernard and the Doges are larger breeds of the world. Even so, in several measures, such as height, the Great Dane and the Irish Wolfhound earn them. met the photos of the dogs you canít even imagine what huge.

Please, move this bear, I am trying to find the dog in this photo

These small human with its small sofas

No one give you fear with a dog at your side!

Tell me, how do you feed him?

You can smoke your cigar peacefully and not be afraid of anything when your friend Lint is on your side

I hope to grow more

Sometimes it seems to me that it is a bear that pretends to be a dog

Does not have a headrest?

Surely the characters of “Beauty and The Beast” have been inspired by them

It is simply a giant fluffy

Until the puppies are larger and stronger sometimes need hugs

The height can be very useful

I don’t want to decide anything, I want me to upload!

Dances with a blond high

That feeling when you’re handsome and slim

What kind of shampoo you will be using?

You can only embrace lying

The large and strong also have their weaknesses

When inside you beats a huge heart

A great love

When you grew up and your owners don’t

When you are precious and not hidden

This has to be a relative of a bear!

It is not Pelusita, is Pelusota

When you manage to load your dog up for 2 seconds

I have only one question: how heavy is it?

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