Volvo unveils first electric truck for use in towns

The trend of mobility has been inclined to offer electric vehicles avoid the pollution to the environment. Volvo wanted to be a part of this sector, presenting their new electric truck Volvo Fl Electric. It has a power reserve of 300 miles and can be charged in two hours. The production and sale in series of the car will begin in 2019, according to the web site of the manufacturer.

According to the company, the electric truck is designed for cities that aim at the sustainable urban development to achieve a better quality in the air, so as to avoid the noise exaggerated through the streets. In addition, Volvo says that they can have an electric truck without exhaust emissions in the terminal internal and environmental areas.

In turn, the company believes that by making less noise, the trucks may have more work during the nights, which would facilitate the mobility of the inhabitants of each city. Through an official press release, Jonas Odermalm, Head of Strategy in Product of Volvo, said the following:

“To make the transition safe and smooth, we will offer comprehensive solutions based on the individual needs of each customer in terms of driving cycles, load capacity, time of activity, range and other parameters. Our methods could range from path analysis, and optimization of batteries, to service and financing. “

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Some companies that already have a position in the market as Tesla, Cummins, and Thor Trucks, had their own electric trucks, but its mass production did not begin in the year 2019. Volvo wanted to take it a step further with their new truck that has a power plant of 185 kilowatts with a box of changes of two speeds.

The electric truck Volvo has a weight of 16 tons, and in addition to prevent the emission of gases, it is intended to perform the works of waste management without generating any noise. In addition, the electric motor of the FL can provide you with 248 horsepower maximum or 175 horsepower continuous.

Although Volvo is not the only company to submit an electric truck, everything seems to indicate that it is the fastest it wants to position itself. Would you like to see these electric trucks in the City of Mexico?

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