USA: WannaCry comes from North Korea

The WannaCry-virus that earlier this year went round coming out of North Korea. That said Tom Bossert, the security adviser to Donald Trump. Rumors that North Korea is behind the cyber attacks was to go longer, but it is the first time that the U.s. government really accusations.

WannaCry is so-called ransomware: it hijacks your computer, blocks all your files and let you no more until you have a certain amount in bitcoins. This version of the software had mainly target hospitals, especially in England.


North Korea denies all since the first rumors any involvement. Nevertheless, it is a part of the code in the software associated with the Lazarus group, a hackerscollectief that from North Korea operates.

The new evidence is, in part, supplied by the British government and techbedrijf Microsoft. That the Americans are now on this way to come out, seems to mean that the allegations are correct.

Ransomware removal

Once you get ransomware on your pc, it is difficult to there again from to get. Therefore, we always recommend: prevention is better than cure. Be careful what you download, do not open unknown mails and note on the check marks on the setup programs. Make regular back-ups for the event you will be infected, then you can always have a clean version to restore without all of your files lost. Our colleagues of Computer!Total you will find a convenient, comprehensive checklist.

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