What the Dutch searched for on Google in 2017

Google announced today what we have in 2017, the most involved, on the basis of the most common search terms. The case of Anne Faber is in our country on 1.

“Anne Faber’ in the Netherlands is the most well-know search of 2017. The loss of the 25-year-old woman received a lot of media attention, and a lot of people lived too. An online petition for the examination of the failing justice system’ in the Netherlands, it was subsequently more than 400,000 times signed.

On the second place is the end of this year, the term ‘Stemwijzer’, which, of course, has everything to do with the past elections. Politicians were also widely researched, with Geert Wilder 1, Mark Rutte on 2 and Eberhard van der Laan at 3 in the overview. Jesse Klaver and Thierry Baudet, the comes last of this top 5.

There were also a lot of requests to Google made. ‘How does the Paypal’, ‘What is Pentecost’, ‘How does Instagram’ and interestingly, ‘What is a pangolin’ are some of the meestgezochte examples. In regards to sports is the most searched Ajax, Max Verstappen and Lieke Martens.


Worldwide see the rankings of Google. There was the most searched on ‘Hurricane Irma’, followed by ‘iPhone 8’ and ‘iPhone X’. We also want to massively know what bitcoins are and how they buy, and how to get yourself a pair of glasses, a solar eclipse safely. On tech field next to the iPhones, the Nintendo Switch, Galaxy S8 and Xbox One X the most in demand.

In regards to celebrities, there is a lot of interest in Meghan Markle, the actress who is now engaged with the British prince Harry. Finally, there was much sought after actor Kevin Spacey and comedian Louis C. K., both in 2017 from their pedestal cases after they were accused of sexual misconduct.

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