WhatsApp copied one of the most interesting features of Telegram

Although many don’t like that WhatsApp is the messaging application most used in the world for its limited functions in comparison of Telegram, it seems that the developers of this application have been set in a Telegram to launch a new feature that will complement one of the most anticipated features in the application as are the stickers.

For some months he has leaked information about the stickers in WhatsApp, and while it has been said that the majority of them will be exactly the same as that of Facebook Messenger, already have emerged new details on the various packs of stickers that you can send in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp stickers

In the first place, everything seems to indicate that the company’s instant messaging will enable artists and creatives to develop their own packages of stickers for the application, which you can download from the store of stickers of WhatsApp, as it happens in Messenger, and Telegram.


Shop stickers for WhatsApp

This means that WhatsApp will have stickers that are exclusive to the users, although it is also likely that Facebook is finished by adopting some of these packages of stickers to throw in Messenger.

WhatsApp think again, now you’ll have more time to delete messages

Perhaps it is not the role that most of us would have liked the developers to copy of Telegram, but he is grateful that the company allows users to launch their own creations so we can give you a touch more fun to our expressions through the chat application.

Remains a mystery the date on which this option will be available in WhatsApp, because despite the fact that the function is already built-in since several weeks ago in the beta of the application, the company continues to not trigger this feature from the servers, so that we will still have to wait some time to use it.

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