WhatsApp could revolutionize the communication and Internet shopping

WhatsApp is an application that is far from being the most complete in the market in comparison with rivals, but the reality is that the service is the property of Mark Zuckerberg is the most used in the world, a situation that allows you to dominate the market, becoming as a communication tool essential for sending messages and making calls.

But the company could revolutionize the way we communicate and buy on the Internet thanks to WhatsApp Business, the version of the messaging application for businesses, which is already beginning to work with more push in many parts of the world, among them Mexico, where companies such as BBVA Bancomer are already using to serve its customers.

WhatsApp announced last week that the company now will allow users to find a tool in Facebook to communicate with companies via WhatsApp, this will appear little by little, and for some companies, but it is something that without doubt will facilitate the customers to solve their doubts, discuss their problems and buy products easily.

Likewise, the company has made it clear that WhatsApp Business will take a leading role from this year, so it will be much easier for users to use WhatsApp to resolve their doubts, receive care and information, and other problems, something which in Mexico is a headache for many when they should contact the customer service via the telephone.

WhatsApp already collect the messages and send you advertising, but…

And many companies will be able to take advantage of artificial intelligence to include bots in WhatsApp that can help reduce calls to its customer service centers when many requests are simply for general information, while when the AI detects that the client needs personal attention and guided by a human, then the client will receive a call from an expert customer care.

In the last few days I tried the new service of Bancomer by WhatsApp, and the truth is that it works very well, at least for everyday situations such as to know where there are some atm near to our location, promotions, or questions in general, so that it is a fact that big companies should invest in to offer care to clients by WhatsApp.

The next step is to sell products

In India WhatsApp already allows you to send money through the app, and it seems that one of the future plans of the company is to allow companies to sell their products directly from WhatsApp, that is to say, the customers would not have to get out of WhatsApp to buy a product and pay for it.

Still missing a couple of years to see this type of project is running without any problem, besides that WhatsApp first you need your application to business to begin to be used by many major companies around the world.

Once WhatsApp Business work how it wants to Mark Zuckerberg, then it is likely that WhatsApp will become something much more than a messaging app, revolutionizing not only the way we communicate, but also the way in which we buy by the Internet.

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