WhatsApp will soon tell you if a message was forwarded

WhatsApp is the instant messaging application most used at the global level, so any update is relevant to the millions of users that make up the platform. However, there are certain features that are already available on other platforms and I have yet to come to WhatsApp; therefore, we make a list of tools that we would like the application to provide, and you can see them in this link.

When we find ourselves in good conversations, it is very common to forward messages from one user to another contact to keep you aware of any talk intriguing, or we resorted to the old tradition of taking screenshot. Now, everything seems to indicate that WhatsApp already will begin to notify users if their contacts are forwarding a message.

As is often the case, was WABetaInfo, a portal that boasts of credibility in terms of new of WhatsApp, who unveiled this future update that will bring two important functions. First, since you will be able to forward stickers from other chats, a feature that is not available on Android at the moment.

Functions that should arrive soon to WhatsApp

On the other hand, you will be able to know if a message you have sent us has been forwarded, or written by another person, something very useful if we take into account that in the application navigate multiple fake messages or strings that are sent to family or texts that are characterized by being a scam. To know that the received message was not written by someone else, there will be greater certainty about the credibility.

whatsapp novedades

It is important to mention that these two features are currently in development, so you’ll have to be patient if it still does not work in your application. WhatsApp just is already implementing these two features, but still not provided official information regarding the arrival of these two tools.

The goal of WhatsApp is to give greater credibility to the messages that are sent through the application, but the question would be: do you really users are imported, if a received message was forwarded to you?, What developments will help to avoid false messages or scams?

So you’ll be able to view the content of deleted messages in WhatsApp

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