WhatsApp reform their groups

The instant messaging platform WhatsApp has reported that it will protect the user can repeatedly add in groups that have previously come out, as part of the new features that have been incorporated to this type of chats.

Another of the improvements introduced to their groups, which will be available to Android users as iOS, is that the administrators will be able to write a description of it will be the first thing that will appear to any person when it enters into the same for the first time, and in that we will be able to specify the theme, the rules or any other important note.

Administrators can now remove permissions of other participants, and the creators of the groups will no longer be able to be removed from the group they founded. In the settings of groups, you will see a control that will allow you to restrict who can change the name, icon and description for the group, as reported in your blog platform. In addition, when you stay a time without opening the group chat, you will be able to quickly view the messages in which you mentioned or replied to by tapping the new button in the bottom right corner.

It is also to be found who form part of the group from the “screen info” of the group, the administrators will have the ability to remove permissions of other participants and creators of the groups can not be deleted.

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