Win the racing game V-Rally 4

Racing on asphalt? Child’s play. Through the forests and the mountains while the mud around the ears to fly? That’s really tough! And with the game V-Rally 4 of Kylotonn Racing Games do you just do it from the comfort of your chair – that saves a carwash.

This simulator is all about racing off-road, including in Africa, America, and Japan. And not only with well-known rides such as the Porsche 911 Safari and Ford Mustang, also with exotic vehicles such as buggies.

For the real fanatics there is support for a racing wheel. You can play against the computer, but online against others.

Have? !

Of Kylotonn Racing Games, we are allowed three copies of V-Rally 4 to give away. Do you want to have a chance? Let for 1 October, you data behind.

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