Win a FRITZ!Powerline 1260E adapter from AVM

See the powerline adapters as the big brothers of the well-known wi-fi repeaters. Both use you to a better wireless coverage, and both work by they are simply in a socket.

Important difference: the signal of the powerline adapters is through the mains of the house. The range is more stable and the maximum speed remains as far as possible.

The FRITZ!Powerline 1260E of AVM is such an adapter, allowing speeds of up to 1200 Mbit/s promises. The 2.4 and 5 GhZ band are both supported. Normally costs 169 euro, but here you can win a free copy!

Have? !

AVM may be three times the FRITZ!Powerline 1260E give away. Chance make? Leave your details behind on!

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