Did you saw the new Pokemon GO of dinosaurs?

From that Pokémon GO came to light, marking footprint by becoming the most downloaded during the year 2016, other developers have been inclined by the tendency to create augmented reality games and what we can verify with an app that works to trap girlfriends or boyfriends virtual that appear in the middle of nowhere, or the new Harry Potter game that is approaching to feel a mage, or the game of zombies inspired by The Walking Dead.

Now, a new game will allow users to invade the adrenaline rush of the feeling that the city is being attacked by horrible and giant dinosaurs. Approaching the premiere of the new installment of Jurassic World, so taking this as a pretext, Universal Studios joined forces with Ludia, a company-developer of video games, to create its adaptation to the style Pokémon GO based on the universe jurassic of the popular film.

Through augmented reality, players will be able to create your own collection of dinosaurs. In addition, it is important to mention that will work using geo-location to explore the real world discovering different types of dinosaurs, some of which will appear in specific locations of the map.

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Yes, we know that it is similar to Pokémon GO, because the mechanics and gameplay will be the same, but unlike the game developed by Niantic, with Jurassic World Alive, you’ll have to wander the entire city to collect DNA evidence, and create your own creatures with which you’ll be able to attack your opponents.

In the beginning, the game will feature 100 different dinosaurs that will be referenced, of course, to the movie of Jurassic World. However, with the passage of time, the app will be updated to provide new opportunities and different dinosaurs.

We show you the trailer below to get a greater notion about the mechanics of the game.

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If you can’t with the excitement, it is important to mention that you’ll have to wait until the middle of this year, but if you’d like, you can register in this link previously to test the game from the time of its release.

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