You’ll be able to learn to speak Klingon with the help of Duolingo

If there is something that we really appreciate the technology, is that it is easier to achieve, to learn new things. For example, there are applications that are specially designed to teach you to cook, or many others that help with the math.

Now, we would like to focus on Duolingo, a platform that aims to teach different languages in a simple and entertaining way. And we are not referring precisely to the learning of English, French, German, or Italian, but the application will allow users to learn Klingon, the language dummy most famous of Star Trek.

First of all, it is important to mention that the language Klingon is a language built and artistic developed by Marc Okrand for Paramount studios Pictures. It was created for the race – which carries the same name – Klingon in the Star Trek universe. The language was designed with a word order Object – Verb – Subject order to make it less intuitive and give it a look more alien.

The language generated great impact on the true lovers of all of the Star Trek universe, so many fans decided to learn Klingon, and so protrude from the geek community. You can even see the alphabet developed for the saga below.


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Duolingo wanted to make things more simple, giving the possibility to learn to pronounce, write, and understand every word. In fact, the course that you have the application to learn how to talk, it was developed by a team of volunteers who worked for three years to get everything ready. The application closed a deal with CBS, the studio that owns the rights to the language, to achieve add Klingon in Duolingo.


So far, the course for learning Klingon is only available in the web version, but it is likely that in the near future will be implemented for the application of iOS and Android.


This will not be the first time that Duolingo wants to spoil the users geek, because I had already opened the possibility of learning High Valyrio, one of the languages most prominent of the fictional universe of Game of Thrones.

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What you’ll be studying Klingon to get on your side more geek?

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