You’ll be able to play free to The Sims from your mobile device

Finally, one of the most anticipated games for mobile version has arrived. This is The Sims, whose objective is to test the creativity of the users with the opportunity to choose aspects to the characters, as well as the design and decoration of homes virtual.

Electronic Arts and Maxis announced the global launch of Sims Mobile, a game that began for computers for after to be available in different formats; now in tablets and smartphones. This version is completely free, although, of course, users will be able to pay through microtransactions that are available in the game to achieve more opportunities.

Brandon Gill, Creative Director of the title for mobile commented the following:

“With The Sims Mobile we can bring the players these features so beloved by our fans with new customization options detailed in the “Create a Sim” and “Construction”. Players will find new narratives guided and social characteristics very immersive that will make the video game a unique and wonderful gaming experience.”

The overwhelming obsession that can cause SimCity

In this version, players will be able to exploit all the new ways to interact with The Sims of other players in parties, or in the city, and use stickers to warn them if they are attractive or amazing. Similarly, you will be able to form families, to transmit inheritances that will have many benefits in the game.

The game is characterized by providing the possibility of creating your own home, customize your players, find a job, earn money, raise a family, or have fun as a single. It is important to mention that the title will retain the same essence of other deliveries; same mechanics, philosophy and way of play.

Before any thing, the best thing is that you enjoy the official trailer to get a better idea about the gameplay. Just remember: to comply with your responsibilities and try not to fall into the disposal.

Beta of SimCity will arrive on the 25th of January

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