YouTube changes its appearance in Android by extending the thumbnail

This year is full of innovations and that they know all the major platforms like Facebook, Twitter , and even Youtube, who has begun to change the appearance of the site with small details, one of them is the appearance of the thumbnails of videos.

The aesthetic change is visible in the Android, as there you see how it has increased the size of the thumbnails on the edges, because they are much wider and hoard is more space on the screen of the cell.

Previously, there were images that contained a white border thick on the sides, giving it a sangria which was the thumbnail, but now there will be no more, as it has been deleted that space and extended its length.

The change is due to the screens endless with curved edges or without edges that have the models of the new smart phones, this is how it is adapting to them with precision in order for the user to have a better perspective of what you are looking at, at least on Youtube.

Although many people consider this news as insignificant, the truth is that if it is quite noticeable when compared to how it was before, showing an appearance more neat and polished.

The update is happening from the day of yesterday, where by night, hundreds of users began to perceive that everything seemed different.

How to activate the new incognito mode for YouTube

The change is in addition to the fact that you can now use a Incognito Mode to watch videos on Youtube, either in iOS or in Android, where practically it is not a trace of searches that have been performed in the platform, as is disconnecting the account and is acting in a discreet manner.

This change demonstrates the interest that the company has for users, looking for a better display, and taking care of your privacy.

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