YouTube to launch movie in the cinema and will take the name “Vulture Club”

There are many video services that have taken the decision to enter the field of cinema; for example, Netflix with the launch to the big screen in the movie “Bright“. Now, YouTubewants to take it a step further to distribute his own movie, whose name will be the “Vulture Club.”

The tape will have as its protagonist Susan Sarandon, who has been involved in major projects such as Thelma and Louise or stepmom. Vulture Club will be released both in cinemas, as in the digital platform of videos, but why so much fuss about this new tape? To form part of the extensive repertoire of movies that will be available in the film, Vulture Club will have the opportunity to participate in The Academy to win an Oscar.

A new strategic turn, and ventured by YouTube

The story will revolve around a nurse who must fight the government in order to achieve retrieve his son, a journalist who was kidnapped by terrorists in the Middle East. Before the little support that it receives, the woman will have to find relief and refuge in unexpected places.

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An interesting fact about Vulture Club, is the fact that the film is directed by an iranian-american named Maryam Keshavarz who has been behind films such as Circumstance and The Day I Died. In turn, in the film will participate Edie Falco (The Sopranos) and Matt Bomer (Magic Mike).

Without a doubt, we have great expectations to the arrival of this new movie that it will portray complex and sensitive issues surrounding journalism and the freedom of expression in relation to the authoritarianism imposed by governments.

Supposedly, the shooting of the film has ended, but the video platform has not mentioned more details about it on its release date; what we do know is that Vulture Club will be rolled before on the big screen. After would come out in YouTube Network.

This would not be the first time that YouTube decides to implement a feature film, because in the year 2016 had a try with the comedy of science fiction, Lazer Team; however, it was a low-budget project with a cast unknown that inevitably was led to a failure at the box office.

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Are you excited about the arrival of this new movie distributed by YouTube on the big screen?