YouTube Music: Google is going to compete with Spotify

Google announces a new muziekstreamingdienst under the name YouTube Music. The company wants to primarily to compete with Spotify entering. There is also a free version available, in contrast to Apple Music.

The added value of YouTube Music is mainly in the algorithms of Google. The Google Assistant will help you with creating the perfect playlists on the basis of o.a. your taste in music, luistergedrag and location. The chances are that the music videos there is also a part of. After all these are already a lot on YouTube as a video platform.

The free version of YouTube Music, has some limitations. So you will hear advertisements in between the songs, just like Spotify, is the case. More irritating is the fact that you put the app in the background can run. For example, if you mobile browser open, then stops the music. If you want, a subscription to YouTube Music Premium the next step.

YouTube Red is YouTube Premium

YouTube Music Premium cost approximately $ 10 per month and lets you download music for offline listening. YouTube Red is renamed the YouTube Premium and is slightly more expensive, $ 12 per month. Thus you watch YouTube videos without ads and you get access to certain videos that only as a Premium member, so-called YouTube Originals.

If YouTube Premium-member you’re also equal member of the paid version of YouTube Music. You do not need two separate subscriptions. For now, there are no plans yet known to the service to the Netherlands. First the other countries at the turn, including the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom.

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